On your face

On your face

On your face - Year of execution: 2019 Size: 80x64 cm


When I make art I try to visualise the energy of the model. I try to shake off my ego. And work with the energy of the person I’m photographing. The result of the artwork is also a surprise for me. It gives me the possibility to feel what the person in front of me is feeling.


In this case the model is a very happy, enthusiastic and bright woman. She reminded me of the song ‘On your face,’ by the legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire. The first lines of the song are: Ain’t it funny how the way you feel shows on your face. So, what you see is what the model felt like. Thus the name of the artwork: On your face.


A big inspiration for most of my artworks is music. The kind of music which we use to feel better. To do better. And to make our world a better place.


Artist: Jacop (Jermaine Aroma) 


    On your face - Year of execution: 2019 Size: 80x64 cm


    Jacop (Jermaine Aroma) 

    My name is Jermaine Aroma. I go by the name Jacop, which is my artist name.

    I’m a self-taught storytelling, photographing artist from Amsterdam. With my photo art I visualise how we (can) see ourselves. I'm aiming to contribute to a positive self-image for men and women.

    I’m aiming to make artwork that is uplifting.



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