Olympia's Ornaments

Olympia's Ornaments

Title : Olympia's Ornaments

80x110 cm - acrilic on canvas.


Artist: Süreyya Cingigiray


    Süreyya Cingigiray



    In June 1982, yet another newborn in İstanbul, who would learn everything from scratch, let out her first cry to a life uncertatinties.

    Soon life evolved the same way as it does for other mortals. First, she tried to stand up, tripped, and fell. She tried to stand up again, and fell once more. She kept repeating this over and over again. Then, she finally walked.

    The first flush of youth was full of dreams that would never come true. Her biggest fream was to become a scientist and design tools that would serve human life.

    Illusion, with all its joy, desire, passion, ambition, faith, pain, sorrow, agitation, nausea and glamour, were the things that kept her alive; yet the child, like a seasonless, rootless, loose leaf, drifted between cities and in a sea of emotions. She’s been to İstanbul, Magosa, Yalova, Kocaeli and Edirne. She currently resides in Bodrum.

    She studied Management and worked in bank for sixteen years.

    Currently she is a first year student at İstanbul University, Departmant of Philosophy.

    Ongoing projects : Ilustrated children’s book; ‘Robot Bee Şaşa Series, Adult  novel;’Hot and Dry’ and paintings.



    Art is effort to Express any kind of perception and invention through aesthetic struggle, to transfer the meaning to another and to create interaction. So many things are worth trying, because action have precedence over discourse.

    In terms of painting, broad-basedworks stand out, while the ideas show minimalist and surrealist tendencies. Landscape Works have been critiqued by curators to be dominated by simplified European aesthetics.



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