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Olga Hassan

Olga Hassan


    Olga Hassan


    Olga Hassan is a Swedish based visual & contemporary artist born in 1997. She's a mother and wife. This year she’s entering a scholarship to become a tattoo artist. In 2016 she graduated from highschool studying photography and arts & crafts. Other than that she’s mostly self taught.

    At the age of 10 she started making digital art when getting her first drawing tablet from her father. Since then digital art has been her medium. During 2020 and onwards Olga is creating her works of art in Procreate using the Ipad.

    The interest & fascination for art and aesthetics has been with Olga since a young age. Portrait painting is one of the main characteristics for her art. Through studies in everyday life she has learned and taken inspiration. Other characteristics for her art are the messy brushstrokes and the limited color palette. Although her painting leans towards realism, she wants her art to be more simplified and figurative. The form and shape of the face or body is what she wants to be speaking in her painting.

    As well as getting inspiration from real life she is very inspired by various of other artists. For examples; Mark Tennant, Agnes Grochulska and Michelle Poirier Mozzone.

    For the future Olga’s dream is to keep painting at the same time being a tattoo artist, living a creative life to the max. The goal is to start painting with oils on real canvases. ”Being able to enhance the texture of the painting, making it physical, is what I lack in digital painting.” she says.


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