Octavie Boeckx

Octavie Boeckx

Octavie Boeckx


    Octavie Boeckx


    I am a Belgian artist, born on October 27th 1963 in the city of Leuven.

    When I first started attending the Art Academy in Aarschot, my life was at an all-time low.

    During my first years at the Academy, I educated myself in the techniques of realistic painting, in which I found the foundation for my further development.

    After a few years of practice, my interests evolved towards abstract art, with a preference for geometrical, lyrical and experimental painting.

    I use my personal experiences as a starting point and my emotions are reflected in my work.

    I experiment with colors, shapes and materials and try to find new image elements.

    My work is intuitive, influenced by what I am going through at   the

    time I’m making it.

    It’s not always easy to love your body. I have personally experienced this during my first relationship, where I was humiliated and abused as a woman.

    Later in life I suffered breast cancer, which started a whole new process of learning to love my body, including its  scars.

    I am enforced by the positive reactions my art   receives.

    I sincerely hope my work can emotionally inspire others and make them feel joy.


    2018 Exhibition CC Het Gasthuis Belgium 2019 Exhibition CC Zwanenberg Belgium 2020 Exhibition CC Het Gasthuis Belgium 2020 Exhibition Hilton Kol


    2021 Exhibition Hilton Paris



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