Octa Dwi Anggraini

Octa Dwi Anggraini

Octa Dwi Anggraini


    Octa Dwi Anggraini


    My name  is Octa Dwi Anggraini, usually called Tada.

    I was born in 1996 and grew up in Indonesia. I currently lives in Jakarta.


    Since I was kid, art has been taking huge space in my heart.

    I started to really go deep into it in 2014 when i was in college.

    It took long journey with many memorable experiences until I found the style that perfectly suits to my work and I'm comfortable with.

    Most of them are inspired by the feelings and the consternation that I've felt.Through my works of art, I would like to engage people with the emotional feelings that I genuinely poured into it.

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