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    Alexandra Hegedus


    I have always been curious about the world, and wanted to see how it works on the whole. Fine art was the most dominant of many of my interests, so I did my studies at fine art schools; at first as a textile artist and later as a painter.
    During my studies at the University of Pécs, I gradually learned how to combine my different kind of interests in my art. While being a sophomore, I started to make technical and material experiments, and my professor encouraged me to continue them. His approval and other appreciations such as prizes and scholarships I won, motivated me to implement all of my ideas.
    I have been using industrial and domestic materials for four years applying different kinds of glues, varnishes, resins that I call non-traditional artistic materials. These materials can be mixed with paint or each other as well. Sometimes I combine them with natural stuffs like sand, shavings and bark. Despite my passionate attraction to technical implementations I mostly produce figurative works instead of abstract.

    My interests in psychology and material experiments are incorporated in "bodyscape paintings", I started to create two years ago. Based on Gestalt psychology, my paintings trick people's mind, and make them ask whether it is a landscape or a body. By embeding a human body in a landscape, I express my faith in the symbiotic relationship between humans and Nature. The experimental technique I use gives exciting and transparent surfaces to these paintings and makes them extremely statuesque.


    2013        Exhibition of National Arts Student Conference, Eger

    Exhibition of Fundamenta Amadeus Scholarship, Pécs, Nádor Gallery

    ‚Five days’, Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter, Gallery of Doctor School

    2014        Outdoor Exhibition of Szabad-tér Gallery, Pécs

    ‚Gentlemen for the ladies!’, Pécs, Design Labor

    Exhibition of Art Moments Central European Visual Art Festival, Budapest

    2015        Art camps at Gyimothy villa, Pécs, Nádor Gallery

    Living Castle painting workshop closing exhibition, Transylvania, Talisoara,

    Castle Daniel

    2016        ArtPort 20 – „Artem non odit nisi ignarus”, Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter, m21 Gallery

    DiploPort Graduation exhibition, Pécs, Zsolnay Quarter, m21 Gallery

    DiploPort Graduation exhibition, Szekszárd, Mihály Babits Cultural Center

    Master and his disciples, Eszék, Muzeja Slavonija

    Entrée 2016 – Graduation exhibition, Várkert Bazár, Budapest

    2018        RAA Annual Members' Exhibition, Jazz Gallery/RAA, Milwaukee, WI, USA

    53212 Studio and Gallery Walk, pieces at The Vibe and Jazz Gallery/RAA,

    Milwaukee, WI, USA



    2014        Experiments, VNA Gallery, Pécs

    2017        Shape and Material, Reggeli Bar, Pécs



    2013        III. rank on National Arts Student Conference

    Fundamenta Amadeus Scholarship

    2014        Fundamenta Amadeus Scholarship

    2015        Ildikó Kriszbacher Scholarship

    2016        Scholarship of New National Excellence Program



    2018        Art-Teaching Assistant, Milwaukee Jewish Day School, Milwaukee, WI, USA

    Workshops at Riverwest Artist Association, Milwaukee, WI, USA

    Volunteer at Milwaukee Art Museum, WI, USA



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