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year of execution: 2020 size: 70x70 cm

technical data: acrylics and pastels on cardboard


Artist: Krzysztof Tarnowski


    Krzysztof Tarnowski


    Krzysztof Tarnowski (born 1969) graduated from Art Department of Opole University. Dissertation in Multimedia under the supervision of Prof. Magdalena Hlawacz. Painting, photography, ceramics and various kinds of multimedia art.


    His paintings are characterized by powerful emotions, minimalist color scheme, simple yet meaningful use of form.


    Challenging and controversial social phenomena become the focus of his installations, by which he aspires to draw the viewer’s attention to the problems of refugees, oppres- sion, wars, ethnic persecution and irrevocable consequences of irresponsible human impact on the environment. Tarnowski studies the influence of social and political reality on our language and speech, the way we use and interpret words. His attitude is that of

    a detached ironic observer rather than a rebel. However, the artist’s internal protest is manifested through a bold technique, strong colors, and intense emotional charge of his works.


    Most important and best-known works include Engineer Karwowski’s Dream Come True (Polish Artists’ Association Award 2019, multimedia installation, Exhibition of Graduate Students, Modern Art Gallery, Opole) and Golden Beaches (Exhibition of Gra- duate Students, Modern Art Gallery, Opole, 2017).


    Tarnowski has taken part in numerous exhibitions, including “Kunst im Dialog” (Land- shut, Germany), the international exhibition devoted to the problems of climate change, migration and human rights; M:IRAGE (photographical exhibition, Czachor/Szczypel/ Tarnowski, 1st Floor Gallery, Opole); collective exhibitions during Opole Photography Festival and Winter Art Forest. His ceramics can be seen in City Museum in Svitava, Czech Republic.


    Live visual presentations are another aspect of his creative work. Also known as VJ Black Pony, Tarnowski has performed with Body Package, Rollin Jester and other music bands. His solo audio-visual presentations appeared in LPM Live Performers Meeting in Rome, Nokta Festival in Opole and many other significant musical events.



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