Nirit Gilad Ovadia

Nirit Gilad Ovadia

Nirit Gilad Ovadia


    Nirit Gilad Ovadia

    Since I remember myself, I love painting….

    I graduated both at "Wizo" arts high school at Haifa, my hometown in Israel (known today as the "Reut Art school") and at "Wizo academic center, Haifa" following 4 years of studies in graphical design.

    Although I've been exposed during art studies to various painting techniques, I finally remained faithful to my own technique, through which I taught painting afterwards.

    My painting style is realistic and implemented by multiple thin layers. My focus in details enables me to "accurately" communicate my personal experience.

    I truly love painting nature and landscapes, yet, the "human landscape" fascinates me in particular, since through portrait one can observe the inner human's world.

    I continuously look after the story behind every sight I encounter, aiming to perpetuate it through painting.

    I really like the idea of harnessing the art for meaningful purposes, and aspiring to make it an aid to people who need it.

    I believe that art can be a powerful tool in conveying messages and raising awareness of significant topics.



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