Nino Anin

Nino Anin

Nino Anin


    Nino Anin


    Studies of Grafic Design, Visual Communication, Art, and Photography at AGDW Berlin

    Her main emphasis in Art is abstract work in acryl, ink, experiments with different structure mediums, metal grounds oxidations mediums and since early 2015 the encaustic technic. She  appreciate particularly the strong points of the encaustic technic: brilliance of color, the structure, gradient and effects.

    Early on Study of Classical and Contemporary Dance at the Berliner Tanzakademie Berlin

    Co-founder of the 'Zan Pollo" Theater Berlin

    Career as freelance dancer and actor at various Theaters in Berlin. Choreographer for TV productions.

    Tap dance production with Christian Toberenz as Tap dance Comedians in "Die gnadenlosen Füße"

    Diploma from Technische Universitat Berlin in Psychology,

    Hypnosis, Regressions Coach and Therapist DK method, and Quantum Technic., Yager-Therapy


    Her main emphasis right now is Art and Photography. Color form structure in her paintings appear to occur naturally, often working on several painting at a time.


    Artbooks:  Internationale Kunst Heute 2017, Himmelblau ArtCompass 2018

    Nominated for the Palm Art Award  2018, Certificate of Excellence - Kitz Art Award 2017

    Artprize: 2. International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, Firenze 2018, International Prize of Nations Tribute to Tiziano 2018


    Group/Exhibitions  in Germany, Venice, Milan, Florence /Italy, Innsbruck,Vienna,/Austria, Barcelona/Spain, Lisbon/Portugal, Paris/France, Bruxelles/Belgium, Moscow/Russia, Gallery104 & NYAGallery NY

    Kunststück Berlin 2016/2017            

    Art Salon Q3 Sassnitz/Rügen 2016                  

    Galerie Contemplor Wien 2016              

    K.I.S.S. Kunst im Seitenschiff Taborkirche Berlin-Kreuzberg 2016/17/18                       

    Artexpertise Atelier d’Arte Galleria Bottega d’Arte Merlino Firenze – since 2017 Artist of Artexpertise Firenze

    Biennal of contemporary art of Versilia, Identita Artistiche, Ragione Sentimento, Minimum Maximum

    2018 Art Innsbruck – Artexpertise Firenze

    Kunstmarkt Berlin 2016/ 2017

    GalerieArtCafe Köln  2016                                          

    Esart Gallery Barcelona XVIII Salon Internacional 2017

    Contemporary Artists Exhibition Lisboa 2017

    konstante art fair Vienna 2017 international

    809 Art Gallery Milano 2017,  ‘I love Italy’ Venice & Florence 2018

    Artbox Project Basel 1.0 June 2017, New York 2018

    Artraum Mosimo Galerie Rees Energy, Europa 2017

    MAD Gallery Milan Biennal of Art 2017, 2018,

    Innsbruck ArtFair 2018 - ArtExpertise Firenze, On tour ,2018 Dolomiti, Milano

    Flyer Art Gallery Roma 2017, London 2018, New York 2018

    Biennale delle Nazioni Venezia 2018

    Galerie Andrea Lück Hamburg 2018

    Art Gallery Marco Antonio Patrizio Fiera die Vicenza 2018, Artefiera Dolomiti 2018  

    Francesca Callipari I love Italy Venice, Florence 2018

    Gallery104, New York “Abstract&Figurative” July & Aug. 2018,

    MAD Gallery Milano Solo Exhibition “Color is my Power2018”

    Art Espaces – Moscow Romanov Place “Dialogues”,  2018, Caroussell du Louvre, Paris 2018

    NYA Gallery New York “the next step”, “Texture” Dez 2018, Jan 2019, Grand Opening of Tribeca Arts Center March 2019


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