Nicole Cecil Bräunig-Reichel

Nicole Cecil Bräunig-Reichel

Nicole Cecil Bräunig-Reichel


    Nicole Cecil Bräunig-Reichel


    Living in Berlin and the Chiemgau, Nicole Cecil B is a graduate in economics. She works in the international management of an electronics company.

    After the serious health threat of breast cancer, she started to express her experience in a very sensitive and personal way.

    Her paintings reflect her perception of the world - floating between presence of death and the pure lust for life.


    Solo Expositions

    2020 "NicoleCecilB meets Electronics" Hongkong, April 2020, Hong Kong SAR China

    2020 "Ein Bild sagt mehr als 1000 Worte" Frauenkircherl in Erding, January 2020, Germany

    Permanent Collections

    2020 "Atelier am Schrannenplatz" Erding, permanent Exhibition, since January 2020, Germany

    Publications & Press

    2020 Stationen: Befreiung - Freiheit - Leben. ISBN 978-3-7504-8684-3, BOD Norderstedt, March 2020, Germany

    2020 KONTAKTE. Anita Cares. The Magazine. Brannenburg/Bavaria Germany and Kufstein/Tyrol Austria, March 2020, Germany


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