Nehemiah Saycsar Fleurima

Nehemiah Saycsar Fleurima


    Nehemiah Saycsar Fleurima


    My name is Saycsar Fleurima and I am a filmmaker and singer based in San Francisco. My mom tells me this story of when I was a kid and she took me to see a play that her friend was stage managing, she asked me what I thought and my first response was "I want to be a producer". It's really something I've wanted to do since as far back as I can remember. I always loved performing and creating and was /still a very curious person. Evolving from music videos to longer scripted narratives, characters and how they interact with their relationships and environments really interest me - I want to immerse people.  I try to bring my own life experiences, callbacks to history/culture, social/political critique  into surreal and sensual settings set to some great music! 

    I am continuously inspired at home with my family and friends.  Although my biggest inspirations- George Michael, Alexander McQueen, and Prince are dead -  I’d want to be the kind of artist they’d want to collaborate with. Filmwise, I love Alejandro Innuarto, Aranofsky, David LaChapelle, Romaneck, Jake Gyllenhall, The Fifth Element, Moonlight. I try to challenge people to feel something, see something in a new way,  or think deeply. I hope my work in the future breaks from normative narratives of the straight, white, christian man and becomes more elaborate in themes, sets, and characters. 


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