Nathalie Grünwald

Nathalie Grünwald

Nathalie Grünwald


    Nathalie Grünwald


    My name is Nathalie Grünwald. I was born in 1992 in Landshut - a little city in Germany, where I am still living in.


    I am a self-taught artist. I have always been touched and fascinated by paintings. Since my mother also loves to paint, I came into contact with art at a young age. With art I establish a creative space for myself, which doesn't exist in my typical working day as a logistics planner.


    My sources of inspiration are the nature, my emotions and the creative process itself. I don't plan the final result in advance. I let the inspiration guide myself on a journey, on which I want to take the viewer of the work along.


    I use acrylic paints, which I melt into one another on the canvas or paper with the help of a foil. I let the color run over the painting, which for me personally has something very meditative. Through the palette knife technique and splashes I give my work additional depth.


    Artistic biography:



    Collaboration with Grafitti Art artist Christopher Hopp (Heilbronn, Germany)


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