My inner freedo(o)m comes

My inner freedo(o)m comes

My inner freedo(o)m comes


The title of this artwork "my inner freedo(o)m comes ", as you can see is a game of words...cause for emancipate oneself from dogmas and ways of thinking which create and generate our society and our education is a harsh thing to do...Our society learn to us being pro- or anti- for everything...binary system which creates binary thinking, wrong and right, good and bad etc...and for me i think all this is of a much higher complexity...But exploring our own contradictions often makes us feel unsecure...cause we don't know were it might take us...and it often feels like a doom...

To end this explanation (once more, this is just my vision of it all, with all my subjectivity) we often look for outter freedom, wanting to change the world, to change the people..and all this kind of things...but at the end...we always come back to the same place...just like our society nowadays...and to me this is due to the fact people haven't realize how deeply they are moulded in a certain way when they are young, and that this is the only problem we have to deal with (inside of us)...cause inner freedom leads to outter freedom, but not the other way.

Lucidity is, i think, THE tool we have to reach this Inner (and outter) freedom we want all...but the way is not easy...Here are some lyrics from the song "the death and resurrection show" by the band Killing Joke...i just cannot write better words..


Everything I'm taught, amounts to nought
Everything I learn, the fire shall burn
Notions of myself that when I'm not
Whoever I was is now lost
Illumination, illumination

Burn burn, burn brightly
Burn burn, burn white heat


Artist: Eric Cariou


    My inner freedo(o)m comes


    Eric Cariou

    Born in 1972, in the city of Rouen in France, i have learned photography with my father when i was 15 years old, doing black and white photography at this time.

    For many years, i was just using it for holydays memories, but i was already at that time fascinated by the work on line and perspective.

    Ending art histories studies in 1998, i took a film several times without knowing it and so…was quite surprised to see the result…

    I decided to go on exploring this technic, as a pure hobby at the begining, during my travels in Egypt and in France.

    Sometimes, there is 1 hour between several shots on the same film, sometimes 6 months or more, never really knowing what’s on the film when i put it in my camera, just like a game..

    Years after years, the idea came to me to play with symetrical associations of the same cliche, finding there a way to create what i would call « autonomous zones of onirism ».

    At this time i was doing it without digital technics, not very easy, and quite unpredictable.

    Then, digital technic arrived…and made the thing much more easy to deal with, realising myself i could play in a thousand way with the same photography.

    At this time came to me the idea of creating graphical stories with each pictures, adding new levels of meaning to my artwork.

    My artwork is the result of coïncidences, mistakes which at the end are kind of revelations, opening new perspectives, never knowing exactly what i will find at the end.

    Just like life and dreams…and that’s why i go on working with the analogic technic…willing to control as less as possible of this creative process.

    Since few years, i begun to make design and fashion with Shopvida, a very rich and unique experience which takes me sometimes in deepest digital experimentations.

    And since few months now, after exploring landscapes and architecture, i have decided to enter the « human field », making three collaborations with different artists exploring jewlery, callygraphy and yoga…and i have many others projects in mind, book mixing my photographies and poetry of my own, mixing music with my art …and for the rest, futur will tell !

    To end this introduction to my work, i would say my art came to me naturally, years after years, always taking me to unexpected fields of experimentations, many wonderings...and wanderings…following my inner and outter life, guiding me sometimes, often making me loose my way to find a better way of creating…a better way of being…the essence of life i guess…Solve y coagula…The essence of life and art creation… ???



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