My hearts

My hearts

Title: My hearts Year: 2021

Size: 73 x 60 cm


Technique: Mixed technique on canvas


Artist: Daniela Jacques Aviñó


    Daniela Jacques Aviñó


    First opened my eyes in Germany. In the mid-1980s, my parents were allowed to re-enter Chile, where I lived for more than twenty years. Until in one of my trips to Europe I fell in love with the city of Barcelona, where I´m currently living in. I am a Bachelor of Arts specialized in the atrical performance at the University of Chile and I have been trained during the last years in directing and scenic dramaturgy. Among others I´ve participated in several professional development programmes like Cinema for Plastic Artists at the Escuela Massana, Script writing and Philosophy and Cinema at the University of Barcelona. In the visual artistic feld, I´ve exposed individually and collectively in the cities like Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

    The philosophy of my art installs colour as the main and protagonist element, in addition to highlighting the asymmetry, the imperfect and the irregular. I am inspired by the world of feelings and emotions. I like to work with mixed techniques and fast drying materials.


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