Mother earth

Mother earth

Title, “Mother earth”, (Giclee print, size 50 *50 cm or 60 * 60 by choice (h*w)


Artist: Isabel Mortensen


    Isabel Mortensen


    I am a Norwegian artist, living in Oslo. I have a two-year art-education from Nydalen Art Academy in Oslo. I graduated in 2020. Before that I have done several art courses. I opened my first personal exhibition in Oslo/ Norway in September 2020.

    I basically work abstract and intuitive, and my works grow through the process. I have often worked through many layers and my paintings grow slowly through the layers. Sometimes I know where I want to go, but the intuitive still forces the process. I basically work with acrylics, charcoal, ink and oil pastel. I use different medias and work a lot with the structure in my paintings.

    My work is affected by my life, my observations of humans, and of colors, shapes and nature. To me it has been a long way and a difficult process to get where I am today, where I can focus on my creativity and my art process.

    Often there are certain happenings in life that make you choose your direction and for me I took the final decision to follow my dreams about three years ago. That was a wise choice, a scary choice, but most of all that was a necessary choice based on my emotions and the opportunity to dig deeper into my own bobble of emotions, honesty, spontaneity and of course happiness. I never looked back I just live in the moment, always looking for new inspiration.

    I sincerely hope my work can emotionally inspire others to follow their dreams.


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