Monika Lemeshonok

Monika Lemeshonok

Monika Lemeshonok


    Monika Lemeshonok

    European contemporary artist

    Was born on 27.01.1986  in Belarus, city Mogilev.

    The artist paint in various styles and technicians, such as fauvism, post-impressionism, symbolism. According to many professionals of art, Monika has rare art color.  Movement and volume – this is what makes her artworks in living; the girl has an original compositional thinking and strong creative imagination.



    In 2009  Monika is finished the Mogilev State University name of. A. A. Kuleshow, speciality "Fine arts".


    Awards and premiums

    June, 2017 - The International Art Review from the President of Arts  Academy by Zurab Tsereteli.

    May, 2010 - is membership in a Trade Union of artists of the Russian Federation.

    February, 2006 - Special Award of the Mogilev Regional executive Committee "Person of the year 2005".

    1998-2002-2004 — Fellow of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic Belarus (1998, 2002, 2004).

    Аwarded 1-degree of the Union of artists of the Republic of Belarus, has a great number of diplomas and certificates.


    Art Exhibitions:

    1997 – Exhibition devoted to the 10 anniversary of the Belarusian children's Fund (Minsk, Mogilev).

    1997 – Participation in the Festival "Everything we come from childhood " (Minsk).

    1997 – "Window to the world" (Minsk, National Center for creative activities of children and youth).

    1998 – "I see air" (Mogilev, Museum of Ethnography).

    1998 – Exhibition of Fellows of the Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk).

    1999 – "Our world – beautiful palette" (Minsk, National Center for creative activities of children and youth).

    1999 - "My sonnets"(Mogilev, pedagogical college).

    1999 - m/p Pashkovo, (Mogilev-exhibition in military command).

    1999 – "I am here, I am there" (Minsk, National Center for creative activities of children and youth).

    2000 – "My  world" - charity exhibition (Iëštingen, Germany).

    2000 - "Desire" - charity exhibition (Mogilev, exhibition hall of the Union of artists).

    2000 – "Emotions" - charity exhibition (Mogilev, Art galery).

    2001 – "Sound of music" - charity exhibition (Mogilev, exhibition hall of the Union artists).

    2002/2008 – charitable exhibition (Moscow, Embassy of the FOREIGN MINISTRY of Belarus).

    2004 – "African…" (Mogilev, Museum of local lore).

    2005 – "Views, thoughts, feelings" (Mogilev, ART exhibition hall).

    2005 – "Views, thoughts, feelings" (Mogilev, Moscow State University Kuleshov).

    March, 2008 – Master-class by Zurab Tsereteli (Moscow, Tsereteli Gallery on the street Prechistenka).

    May-June, 2008 – Participation in the international exhibition "Philanthropist" (Moscow, the Russian Academy of Arts).

    January, 2009 – "Smells of the winds" (Mogilev, exhibition hall).

    March, 2011 - "Atom" (Mogilev, regional exhibition Museum of name Maslenikov).

    Janury, 2016 - "Things like people" (Gallery of Mogilev)


    Artworks of Monika has in private art collections and galleries in Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Brazil.

    Many connoisseurs of art appreciate its work through the Internet, are invited to participate in international competitions, such as International Art Biennale in Florence and Seasons of art in New York, the artist also exhibits her paintings in many virtual world galleries.


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