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    Mona Ruehle


    In my paintings I transform impressions, adventures, experiences, dreams, thoughts, perceptions, pain and love in an artistic process. My closeness to nature is undeniable. A mindful walk in nature is like immersing yourself in an energy source that can bring inner peace, while strengthening our daily lives. I find inspiration in nature. By the sea or in the desert, I am free to experience the calm mindfulness which enables my impressions to take shape. Feeling at one with trees, flowers, birds, grains of sand, pausing on a bench or by a rock, collecting shells or driftwood, or watching a sunset, all give me time to contemplate.

    I don’t have to venture far to start my paintings. By soaking the canvas or paper in the salty sea water or splashing them with a mixture of sand and binder, I hardly feel the need for ready-made colours.

    Instead, I mix my paint with organic materials that have a life of their own: Pigments, marble powder, sand, coal or ash from the last barbecue, salt, coffee, tea, even bitumen. This provides different densities and different gloss, some grainy, others smooth and shiny.

    Many of my paintings begin with a wet-on-wet technique, achieved with speed and spontanaeity, resulting in a finished base. I continue to add more transparent layers, from textures to colours. Forms and gestures are always different. Sometimes it is solid, sometimes scratched, sometimes varnished and the colour let run, sometimes there is splashing, pouring, throwing or spilling, something wiped or even rubbed. The past re-emerges from the depths, the new occupies space, escaping judgment.

    We tend to avoid the subject of transience, but it is inevitably part of our lives. Everything is born and passes before resurrecting. Create and destroy, this constant battle with the image forms the basis of my many layers of colour and material. Acceptance or rejection of the coincidence leads me to a process that repeatedly surprises me, and this allows the beholder to discover new detail in the painting, over and over.

    The aesthetic experience of colour is in the foreground of my work, informal or abstract, without imitation of life. Creativity takes courage, which we always need in the development of our multi-layered lives. This is testament to change and transition.

    Art is my daily adventure, my never-ending experiment that keeps me alive and curious. It takes my breath away.



    I would like to invite you to touch and be touched by the magnificent spectacle of nature, with its boundless variety of colour, land-scapes, mountains, oceans, lakes, forests, plants and our wonderful skies. Join me on the beautiful journey that is my world, indulge in the detail to heighten senses and emotions numbed by the monotony of daily life. It’s the simple things, not the obvious ones, that I try to capture.

    I try to remember what is beautiful. I want to paint small and big, vast areas, with structure and depth, creating a place where you can lose yourself, even for just one moment.





    About me:

    Mona Ruehle was born in Landau i.d. Pfalz, Palatinate and spent the last 15 years with her family in the Middle East. She is married and has two daughters. She relocated to Germany, Waiblingen in February 2020.



    Training as a technical draftsman, distance learning interior design and a degree in Real Estate Management, diploma VWA. In the last few years she was responsible for the sale of commercial real estate and project development with management responsibility in the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary. However, in all these years she never forgot her passion for art and painted part-time.

    Master classes and workshops with Alexander Jeanmarie, Ines Hildur, Anette Lehrmann, Heidi Reil, Beate Bitterwolf, Judith Frischherz, Michael Starz, Hermann Kremsmayer, Pierre-Alain Morel, Sandro Godel and Jan Carlos Battilani created the most impressive influences on their creative work.



    Deckhand and stewardess during a sabbatical on a renowned sailing yacht

    for reorientation - a journey not only with wind and waves but also inwards through strong and formative experiences with international guests, crew members and extraordinary travel impressions, among others: Caribbean, Bermuda, New York, Maine, Azores, Gibraltar, Portugal, France, England, Isle of Man and Ireland.



    Increased dedication of painting and opening of her own studio in the telecommunications tower in Waldenbuch

    Group exhibition "Frühlingserwachen", Stuttgart



    Birth of the first daughter and start as a freelance artist

    Group exhibitions in Switzerland at Galerie Vita, Solothurn and Bern.



    Birth of the second daughter and move to Dubai



    Relocation to Kuwait and opening of the art studio with her own gallery



    2000 „Frühlingserwachen“, Stuttgart

    2001-2005 Galerie Vita, Solothurn and Bern

    2017 Mishref Cooperative Society, Kuwait

               Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait

    2018 Dar Al Funoon Gallery, Kuwait

    2019 „Abolish 153“ in Dar al Athar al-Islamiyah, Kuwait

               HUB Art Gallery, Kuwait

               HOM, Kuwait

               21st International Art Exhibition in Porto Sant’Elpidio, awarded with the special prize of the jury

    2020 Kunsthaus Schill, Stuttgart


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