Tahara Mio

Tahara Mio

Tahara Mio


    Tahara Mio

    My grandmother worked as a home economics teacher. After self-study, he drew Japanese painting as a hobby.
    My aunt went to an oil painting department at a women's art university and was in a family drawing environment.

    Graduated from Musashino Art College, Oil Painting Department, 1979
    1980 Graduated from Department of Major

    Worked at the design department of a major T construction company
    Toshisekei Kobo part-time job

    GK Learning School Management
    At the Musashino Art College, the staff exhibition of Prof. Endo, Professor Shoko Endo, became the trigger and began to write concept images with pastels.

    April 2019: Oil paint is put out.
    May, one picture gallery in May, 35th National Sunday Painter
    Winning competition selection
    Starting August



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