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    Fransie Malherbe Frandsen


    Fransie Malherbe Frandsen was born in Cape Town, South Africa.

    She lived and studied in several countries, before settling in Geneva, Switzerland. Now a fine artist, as well as writer and illustrator, Fransie’s background is in Graphic Design and Art Psychotherapy.


    For her art, Fransie takes inspiration from her childhood in South Africa, her exposure to many cultures, as well as from her experience in working with troubled and marginalised individuals as an art psychotherapist. Through her work, Fransie strives to bring to light and to provoke thought, concerning those issues dismissed by society.


    Fransie works mainly in mixed media. Despite the collage effect that this technique offers, there is no paper present on the artwork.


    In addition, Fransie also writes and illustrates children’s books. She has successfully written and illustrated a series of four children’s books.

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