Milady - 21,6 x 29,9 inches acrylic on paper


A beautiful young lady sits at a table with a glass of wine in front of her and other items that are on display, from the expensive hotel where she is staying.
These items include a designer Italian handbag, mobile phone, hotel card, all lit by the light of a candle. The main colour is an explosion of red, pink and soft hues of light blue, mauve and grey. Perhaps there are invisible figures as someone appears to be kissing her raised hand. Her hair is black, her evening dress is pink and she wears long black evenings gloves. The woman is painted light turquoise which is the usual style for this artist.


Artist: Diana Archer


    Milady - 21,6 x 29,9 inches acrylic on paper


    Diana Archer


    "I am an international artist who has had exhibitions in both Europe and the USA. In the last two years I have been painting modern day mistresses based on the past ladies of Versailles but with classy up beat women. Now I have extended this theme to include women who are beautiful, but may also be subversive and shocking too. More recently my new style is," fashionable, sexy, colourful with a hint of intrigue!"

    2017 Feb. I represented Great Britain when I exhibited my painting 'Athenais' at the Biennal D'Arte in the Palace Caserma dell'Artglieria of Peschiera del Garda. My painting is in the Biennal D’Arte catalogue

     2017 November 4-10 Mantua Biennal of Contemporary Art International Prize Andrea Mantegna where I exhibited my painting ' Artemesia.' My painting is in the Mantua Biennal art catalogue.

     2016 Feb. Oxford International Art Fair. My painting Palazzo al' Angelo two, is in the art catalogue.

     2016 March Prize Canaletto in Venice curated by Salvatore Russo with my painting Palazzo al' Angelo Two in the catalogue.

     2016 June Mad Gallery Milan, I exhibited my painting 'Venetian Lady' in the Adunanza exhibition.

     2016 October Paris/Louvre Carrossel Art Fair where I exhibited and was selling prints of my painting 'Boat ride in Venice.' Also the painting was in the Paris catalogue of International Art.

    2015 Leonardo de Vinci Prize at the Borghesi Palace Florence with my painting Venetian Lady. Bronze plaque for merit. Also in the De Vinci catalogue curated by Salvatore Russo. Awarded a bronze plaque.

    2015  Feb. Oxford International Art Fair .My painting Palazzo al, Angelo One was in the catalogue. My paintings can be seen on and also on the New York website It was in 2011 when I began to develop my style, then, of “Venetian Blue”, a name chosen to describe my feminine alter ego. She was always painted blue, in acrylic paint on paper and usually nude or in carnival outfits and set in exotic locations. During this time I was Artist in Residence at Gallery 150 in Leamington and then as an artist in situ, in the art gallery opposite. My career quickly then developed, with my first international art fair in 2015."



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