Mia Kim

Mia Kim

Mia Kim


    Mia Kim


    Mia was born in Seoul in 1982. As a child, she loved

    sketching and dreamed of becoming a painter. When she

    sees Egon Schlewing, she gets a strong impression and

    becomes attracted to drawing the human body into a line.

    She wants to draw each model's own unique lines and

    various emotions on paper with the basic drawing material,

    charcoal, pencils, pastels, and watercolors.

    In some ways, it may be contrary to the trend pursued by

    modern art seeking novelty, but her work still reminds us

    of the importance of feeling that is felt purely through

    'line and color' without any interpretation. Let's hope her

    work will be an opportunity to remind us of her attraction

    to drawing again through M.A.D.S.


    Figure drawing has been considered an independent genre

    because it is considered a practice, but at the same time,

    it is considered as a form of writing, process, and practice

    for everyone who touches art. While it is difficult for

    Figure Drawing to paint models in short periods of time,

    such as 3 minutes ~ 10 minutes, it also contains a variety

    of simple lines and colors in which the models express

    various feelings in a short period of time. It takes a lot of

    tension, concentration, and constant practice. I draw in a

    short time of 5~10 minutes, but I try to capture the full

    emotion of short tiems. I also want to draw their own

    beautiful lines and colors hidden from each person and

    put them in my drawings. So I hope to see a new portrait

    of a person who is now considered a trite, a traditional art



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