Messages from the Flowers

Messages from the Flowers

Messages from the Flowers, 70x46 cm


Artist: Ziva Skurnik


    Messages from the Flowers, 70x46 cm



    Ziva Skurnik




    1954 - Born in Tel Aviv

    Philosophy studies for B.A + Teacher's Certificate in Ben Gurion University, Bear Sheba, Israel

    Teaching Thinking Skills in Branco Weiss inst. throughout the country

    Teaching philosophy in High Scholl

    2010-12 Cultural Studies for M.A. in The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

    Studies for Senior Tour Manager, X-cool, Wingate Institute for physical Education and sport Netanya Israel

    O.D.T Outdoor Education Training Guide, Wingate Institute for physical Education and sport Netanya Israel

    2015-16 Studies gaudiness of Art Journaling

    2018 came out in public with my works of art in my own web sight

    2018 winning the competition for taking part in the Israeli Contemporary Art Magazine.


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    Concept of the artworks


    I arrived at Art after learning Art Journaling as an Experiential Tool for Cultural Tours I wanted to guide. I fell in love with collage works, starting in my privet journals, not meant for public eyes.


    I started with a single central image and the compositions started to grow forced me to add papers to my art journal. But the space was not enough, and I felt I must start working outside of the journal.


    I never plan my collage ahead, they kind of crating themselves in the process of the work. It may seem like color and paper are the building blocks of a collage, but my collages are built slowly, layer by layer, from the blocks of my soul with layers of colors to combine them. I used to write stories and short stories. I than tried to tell a story only in one sentence. Now with my collage work, I can tell a story with no words, only with images and colors. Each collage holds as many stories as there are unique viewers and independent viewing. Each looking reveals something new – creating a new story.

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