Mermaids fate

Mermaids fate

  • Title- 'Mermaids fate'. (Little mermaid)

    Construction date- November 2020.

    Size- 420mm ×594mm.

    Materials used- Acrylic, tissue paper, gloss paint, ink and digital manipulation


Artist: Christopher Rozitis


    Christopher Rozitis


    My body of work for this exhibition responds to the genetic Inheritance we all receive from our mothers. Exploring the connections through cells, atoms and molecules. I find that these small 'worlds' that we all are made up of are both fascinating and beautiful. They are quite simply the building blocks of our lives. They contain all the information we need to live, exist and to take care of ourselves.

    I also explored through the art work the concept that these small 'building blocks' contain genetic information from our mother and mothers before them and will do for all of time. These cells also have a special spiritual connection between the mother and child with 'golden threads' that forever connect us to our mother both genetically at a cellular level and emotionally. So one could almost say that these cells which make us who we are, hold infinite information and unconditional love gifted by our mothers to us all.



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