Mentanóia, technique acrylic on canvas and colored pencils.


Artist: Ravena Cardoso Lopes


    Mentanóia, technique acrylic on canvas and colored pencils.


    Ravena Cardoso Lopes

    I make art since I was a child.

    I started taking painting classes with a teacher by the age of 11, at this time my vision problem arose and my vision was reduced by 30%. Even though, I continued making my art, such as crafts and normal studies with great difficulty.

    I had to be very persistent and disciplined to finish school and study painting. I always liked arts a lot. At the age of 26 I graduated at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, Degree in Artistic Education with an specialization in fine arts.

    I started teaching art therapy to restore people with emotional problems and I didn't stop anymore.

    I used to create paintings for exhibitions and I also used to sell them for decoration.

    After 10 years teaching I saw that I needed to create a painting style of my own. That's when the painting style Ravena Artes came up, with stylized fish, after taking an artistic style course at a Curator and artist's studio in Curitiba, PR, where I lived. I studied color combinations, graphics of indigenous tribes, symbols of various cultures and traditional folk paintings of various countries for 17 years. I've been painting this style for 19 years. This was all done with the vision problem I had. 5 years ago I managed to do 2 corneal transplants and I had my vision restored. I have restarted all my artistic activities nowadays, that's when I created my profile on Instagram. I did 18 exhibitions in Curitiba, Paraná and I did 3 exhibitions in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.


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