Melodic Memories

Melodic Memories

Melodic Memories: 23cmx30cm


Artist: Alison Lee


    Melodic Memories: 23cmx30cm


    Alison Lee


    Born and raised in Seoul, Alison was fascinated with art from an early age and enrolled into an art academy, but discovered that it did not fit her experimental artistic style.

    During her teenage years, she relocated to the USA with her family and attended high school, this was when her teacher noticed her potential to excel as an artist during art class and encouraged her to pursue a career in art. Having to earn a living after completing school, Alison had to find a steady job and was told that a career in art is unstable, so she opted for design school and later, got married, became a mother and handbag designer in 2018.

    Diagnosed with depression in 2019, Alison began drifting away from art and into thoughts of isolation. After a while, she gained the confidence to paint again which became a positive outlet for her depressive feelings.

    Letting out all her emotions and feelings on the canvas healed her mind and soul, and beautifully transformed her life experiences into stunning paintings that goes beyond the textures, shapes and explosion of colors. Without trying to create an accurate depiction of a visual reality, Alison uses textural formations and patterns to achieve a desired effect. Although her artistic journey is still developing, her free-flowing ability “like the natural flow of water,” in tandem with life’s imperfections, seems more perfect and purer as she continues to blossom and create stunning works of art.



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