Artwork: Mellifluous

Original: Analog collage and oil-sticks on paper

Piece available for purchase:

Embellished limited-edition Giclée Hahnemühle German Etching print of the original analog collage and mixed media piece. Hand-signed and dated.

Mediums used: oil-sticks and on Giclée print

Dimensions: 594 x 841mm



Artist: Catarina Diaz


    Catarina Diaz


    London-based analog collage and mixed media artist with a Portuguese soul.

    I drew and painted since ever, inspired by my very artistic family. I spent my early infancy in Africa, and when I moved to Portugal, at the age of five, my mother, my very first art mentor, coloured my early memories with a vibrant colour palette. The deep orange African sunsets, the vibrant pink flamingos and the magenta of the bougainvillaea were burnt into my imagination.

    Later in life, I embraced London’s cosmopolitan life, which became another daily inspiration for my art.

    As an artist, I relish exploring various mediums and methods. I particularly enjoy using oil-sticks and acrylics on paper in an abstract style, combining them with analog collage.

    A seminal masterclass with Royal Academician David Mach opened manual collage and mixed media to me in a completely unexpected way, and I have never stopped creating since.

    I consider my art an invitation to reconnect to nature and ourselves. In such troubled times, it is comforting to think that every day small miracles still happen naturally. Throughout the world, animals, and plants comfortably reclaim their natural habitats and peacefully interact with the surrounding urban setting.

    My pieces evoke contemplation, and ultimately, a return to memories of more serene times, as the start of a self-healing journey.

    The enigmatic feminine figures akin to the relaxed presence of the wild suggest that nature can offer us the ability to restore tranquillity in a chaotic world. This is my inspiration: a message of hope and beauty, life and rebirth.

    BBC art correspondent and curator Maeve Doyle described my work as “very, very transcendent pieces that mix realism with spirituality and surrealism”.

    My work has recently been shown on a digital installation in Oxford Street, London and I have participated exhibitions in the UK and across Europe.

    For the next couple of months, I will have several pieces exhibited on the set of the Portuguese highly rated TVI show Cristina Comvida, aired on prime time.

    My pieces can also be seen in iconic British magazines such as House & Garden, The World of Interiors, Tatler, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Artist Talk Magazine.

    I have just been awarded the Collector's Vision International Art Award, and my work is going to be featured in the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine.


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