Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy

Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy

Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy


    Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy


    Born in Hungary, in 1977 she moved to Germany and she lives and works in Heppenheim city. 

    Her pecuriality is the chalk painting using a simple rotation of the hand: this means that she has no chance of correction in case of error.

    The themes proposed are related to allegorical portraits, flowers and feminine silhouettes.

    She donated one of her works to the Hungarian Osteroporose Patiens Association, and she realized a graphic creation in Budapest for commission of the Women´s Day Organisation.

    Twenty het products are in possession of the Hotel Princess in Budapest and some other ones in private possession in Switzerland, USA, Germany, Hungary, England, Austria, Argentina.


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