Title - “Meera” - Love is Strength

Let’s all love like Meera loved her Krishna; with all her heart, with all her soul, without any expectations, just pure love.

She belonged to Krishna and only Krishna. It’s true when they say that love conquers all. Love saves the world, brings peace, spreads joy and sheer happiness. Love is the greatest emotion that ever was and that ever will be. LOVE is MAGIC, LOVE is LIFE, LOVE is WHAT WE ALL NEED!


Year of Execution - 2020


Size - 36” (W) x 48” (H)


Medium - Acrylic, gold foil on Canvas


Artist: Shubhangi Singh Srivastava


    Shubhangi Singh Srivastava


    Art has been my heart and soul. My thoughts, my vision, my love - I have the ability to pour it all out through my art.

    Give me a canvas, a box of colours, a couple of paint brushes, and I am ready to express my feelings and experiences in the best possible way.


    I started my journey as a professional artist in 2017 and completed my diploma in Fine Arts from National Institute of Fine Arts - Delhi, India (NIFA) in the same year. I also completed a course in Abstract Art and Interpretation from International Fine Art Academy - Indore, India (IFAA) in 2018. Prior to pursuing art as a full-time career, I was working as a Market Research Professional with a professional services firm (KPMG) and have 6 years experience in the corporate world.


    My style of artwork is hugely inspired by Indian artists V.S. Gaitonde and Natvar Bhavsar, and Clifford Still (the eminent colour field artist).

    I believe colours have their own beautiful language and can express delight. My focus, therefore, has always been in using a plethora of colours and blending them together to create a story of their  own.


    My artworks carry a message, sometimes inspired by our surroundings, sometimes by our inner voices and at other times by both. I love to use different textures in my art and all my artworks showcase one or more type of textures.


    Along these years, I have found and understood my style of painting and have integrated elements that define the core of my works, and can be understood as a unique identifier of my paintings.

    These being lotus, lines and dots:

    Lotus - It defines strength, strength to bloom against all odds. The way a lotus captures sunlight each morning, blooming from the muddy waters and spreading joy, is something we can embrace as humans. It’s a sign of persistence, a sign to never give up, a sign to find your inner joy. This entire process makes one so beautiful. The deeply rooted stem of a lotus reveals strength and divinity. It’s indicative of our ability to conquer our fears - using our own centre.


    Dots/Circles/Lines - What are we? The question lingers, and what is the best way to encapsulate life? The Beginning and The End - Shunya, Zero, DOT. The journey, which begins from nothingness and ultimately finishes to nothingness - the lines denote the journey – be it crooked, straight, curved or smooth - these are the lines that take us from one DOT to another.


    Together let’s embark on this beautiful journey with all our strength and persistence - from nothing to everything and then nothing.


    During my years as an artist, I have exhibited my artworks in multiple art exhibition within the country (INDIA) and have found an audience who loves to invest in my artworks.


    I am positive that you will enjoy my language of love and passion - which flows through my artworks.



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