Meaning+of+life=3 words

Meaning+of+life=3 words

Meaning+of+life=3 words

Artist: Krasi Dimtch


    Meaning+of+life=3 words


    Krasi Dimtch


    Krasi Dimtch is multidisciplinary Canadian artist who creates visual, textual, and sound art that encode linguistic contents and explore the structures of Language viewed as a repository of ideas. Her artistic practice is focused on the development and use of atypical means for representing the symbols of Language through digital imagery, poetry, and sounds.

    She was born in Bulgaria and holds a master's degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. In 1995, she became interested in Language and its role in the thought-creation process. In 2013, she was granted a patent for methods for natural language generation and representation. Krasi Dimtch has exhibited in galleries in Canada, USA, South Korea and Europe.



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