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Maya Beck

Maya Beck


    Maya Beck

    Born 1975 in Hungary and I living in my adopted home Munich/Germany.

    Since my childhood, I have been accompanied by creativity and my sense for beautiful things. I always liked to redesign my room, to draw and to write poetry. Flower motifs have always been my favorite, roses, poppies and cornflowers, but of course the wheat fields in the summer.

    I am a florist by profession, where my creativity is very useful. With my flower creations, I was in my school time on 2 competitions.

    I´m on Instagram for 3 months. When I discovered that I can draw in my story. I did a simple line art as a Joke, which very quickly turned into sketch painting, where I can now fully live my creativity. Here I can fully develop myself. Since I draw my pictures regularly, according emotional state.

    If I should describe myself, I would think of the following words:

    Spontaneous, Creative, Versatile, Intuitive and Emotional!

    I also develop recipes, love food and nature photography, architecture design fascinates me and I´m in love with design. Drawing is for me relaxation and equalization at the same time. My own gallery and setchbook are my IPad and my iPhone because they are always there and I can be creative anytime!

    My biggest wish for the future is that people should not be despised because of their skin color or origin. For me, all are people, personalities and unique creatures.

    My motto is:



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