Mauricio Galaz

Mauricio Galaz


    Mauricio Galaz

    Mexico City, 1949.

    From a young age he showed his ability and love for drawing and painting, which he practiced since then.

    In 1969 he traveled to Europe and his visits to the great museums became an important source of inspiration, to practice the painting in a self-taught way. On his return to Mexico, he devoted himself fully to painting and worked with his two mentors Jorge Flores and Mario Montero, from the David Alfaro Siqueiros workshop, where he also collaborate for a while.   

    Mauricio was approved at the National School of Painting and Sculpture in Mexico City however he chose to study architecture as a professional collage degree at the Iberoamerican University. Even so, he never stopped painting, since this creative practice has always been his refuge and his particular way of rediscovering all the essential of himself. It’s an experience of opening himself to the unknow (not knowing what and how he’s going to paint) by being a spectator without expectations, many times being surprised by how energy manifests in the work. Throughout his life, he has promoted himself with his own circle of art and this is how he has managed to sell his work.  



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