Masayo Masuda

Masayo Masuda

Masayo Masuda


    Masayo Masuda


    My picture goes in a limited plane called a canvas, with a composition of colors cut out like origami.

    This can be said as a viewpoint of things unique to Japanese people, and it was said that there are Japanese paintings, mainly those that lead to the Rimpa school of painting.

    My paintings are said to look like Japanese paintings though they are oil paintings.

    And I think that there are personality and I tell about them in flowers, grass, minerals, water, air, the universe as objects to draw, and I wonder how they feel and what kind of feeling they are.

    Then, it seems that everything including the hand I draw with is apart of the universe.

    "Everything is me, everything is the universe."

    I hope to sublimate my life to the creative and publish the "World of Masayo Masuda".

    - Exhibitions -

    2017 Milan Biennial of Art 2017(Marino)

             TRANSNATIONAL ART 2017 (Japan,Osaka)
             Shanghai Permanent Collection Exhibition

         LE CARROUSEL du Louvre SALON ART SHOPPING Louvre Museum B1 (Paris, France)
             EXHIBITION IN PARIS 2017,Galerie Mona Lisa(Paris, France)
             Swiss SWART Basel Fair 2017 ,SWART Gallery (Swiss)

    2016 LE CARROUSEL du Louvre SALON ART SHOPPING returning to Paris MIgallery (Kitahama,Osaka)

    LE CARROUSEL du Louvre SALON ART SHOPPING Louvre Museum B1 (Paris, France)
                 INTERNATIONAL NUDE DRAWING ART FAIR (Ansan, Korea)

    2015 Solo Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery Zone, (Mino, Osaka)

    2007 Solo Exhibition, Kitanozaka Gallery, (Kobe)

    2004 INTERNATIONAL GROUP SHOW, New York Caelum Gallery, (NY)

    2003 WINTER GROUP SHOW, New York Caelum Gallery, (NY) 

            THREE PERSON SHOW, New York Caelum Gallery, (NY)
    2000 Solo Exhibition, Kitanozaka Gallery, (Kobe)

    1999 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Iron, (Fukushima, Osaka)

    1998 III Salò Internacional d’Arts Plàstiques ACEA Barcelona, Diploma (Spain, France, Switzerland etc.)

    1997 Solo Exhibition, Gallery Alala, (Mikage, Kobe) 

    1992 Solo Exhibition, Grand Gallery, (Umeda, Osaka )

    1990 Earth Day 1990 Paper Balloon Exhibition (Expo Hall - Osaka Contemporary Art Center etc.)

    1989 100th Anniversary of Osaka City, Midosuji Gallery, Special Prize, (Osaka) 

              Solo Exhibition, Lady’s Plaza, Seibu Department Store-Tsukashin Store, (Itami, Hyogo) 


    - Award -

    1998 Barcelona International Art Salon Exhibition Diploma Award Winning (Spain)   


    1993 31st Kansai Ichiyou Exhibition Encouragement Award (Osaka Tennoji Art Museum)


    1992 30th Ichiyou Kansai Exhibition New Award Winner (Osaka Tennoji Art Museum)


    1989 Osaka Municipal System 100th Anniversary Memorial Midosuji Gallery Award Winning (Osaka City)


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