Masami Hayami

Masami Hayami

Masami Hayami


    Masami Hayami

    She is a Japanese painter

    Most of her Art work is about human life

    About soul, the human connection, encounter, involvement and variety of love


    Her style is based on Japanese "Zen".

    She has unique way of taking inspiration from Japanese calligraphy and reinventing it

    also adding colors in a energetic and dynamic way


    "Zen in English meaning relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change

    She hope for peace/awareness, inner peace for eveyone in this world


    It has unique style to show her works with poetry (mainly in English) along with the title

    Paintings are mainly in acrylic and also she uses Japanese painting materials, such as the rock paint and so on to add

    depth to her expressions


    She used to be in show business, in entertainment industry in Japan;

    as an actress, singer and appered on various variety shows, etc. when she was 13-20

    Graduated from College/University in UK:

    Birmingham Polytechnic Art Design course

    London College of Fashion BA course


    Her major was in 'Art and Fashion design!

    After returning from UK, she started her career as a fashion designer in women's clothing company

    After few years working as a creative director, she became a designer for wedding gowns and accessories.

    She stared to have interest in flowers and interior design after having many experiences attending wedding parties and

    custom making / designing for bride.

    She became flower artist and interior designer



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