Maasai warriors

Maasai warriors

Maasai warriors


Artist: Benny Kasachob


    Maasai warriors


    Benny Kasachob


    Born in July 28th, 1957, in Rosario, Argentina. In 1959 made “Alia” to Israel with my parents. Grew up in Beer Sheva city. First exhibition on the 10th grade. Since, made and participated in many personal and group exhibitions and auctions, across the country. Today a Resident of Tel-Aviv, Israel, Married to Anat and father to Yam(Sea in Hebrew) and Roy.


    About my work:


    Autodidact with no actual art education. Have been Color blind my whole life. My Works mostly revolve around nature. observation of patterns and details I find unique. Motivated by finding a most preferable way of light hitting the objects depicted, and preserving all those elements. multidisciplinary, mostly Realist and Surrealist.



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