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Marta Madaiva


    Marta Madaiva

    Italian-born, Marta was raised in a creative family who stimulated her imagination and encouraged her to expand her vision by taking piano and dancing lessons, going to the movies and museums, but, above all, nurturing her craftsmanship with the intention of making her look beyond the appearances. As a little girl she was also fascinated by the adventures recounted by her aunt and uncle on their returns from exotic trips around the world. She liked spending long afternoons talking about foreign cultures and languages and as a natural result she addressed her studies in that direction. After having travelled extensively, Marta started her educational career as a teacher without shelving her artistic dream. In her spare time Marta rekindled her passion for drawing and painting. When in her artistic frame Marta experimented with different media and surfaces from wood to ceramic, knitted and sewn fabrics and it was during that time that, encouraged by the positive feedback from friends, she created a virtual window where she could post her watercolour fashion and wedding illustrations under the pseudonym of Marta Madaiva.

    In the last few years Marta was carried away in a whirlwind of creativity and she returned to her initial love - painting - and making portraits the main subjects of her representations. Marta's main sources of inspiration have been the pop art artists and it has made her want to try out new techniques. Driven by her passion for the Hollywood films and stars, Marta has chosen to transpose the most iconic images from celluloid to canvas. Acrylic was perfect for her purpose and the use of bold and fluorescent tints has become a distinctive feature of her paintings.

    In 2019 Marta exhibited her maiden street-art styled collection in her hometown and she also made it through to the semi-finals with the first acrylic painting at Premio Nazionale d'Arte Citta di Novara (Italy).

    Marta is driven by what makes her heart "throb" and while she paints the finishing touches she dreams of being a celebrated Artist.



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