MARLO was born in 1941 of Swiss nationality. Since the age of twelve, she pursued painting, intensively since 2000. She accomplished art studies at University of California at Los Angeles, USA and then went on by herself, studying the old masters, Giorgio Vasary's book always painting what bursts out of her innerself, mostly acrylics suiting her intuitive way of starting off a work. She lived in various countries, languages, mentaltities to finally settle down in Geneva and worked in various fields. This varied life meant quick, adaptation thanks to an inquisitve, sensitive eye, a unique sense for registering images and impressions. Painting was also a means to find her way back to life when tragedies hit her and her family. Her paintings are about emotions, impressions, poetic atmospheres as she is also a many prized poet, vibrations through lines and colours, meaningful, story telling abstracts, and impacting world events, much worked over colours and compostion always being vital elements. Techniques used, impose themselves before or while a painting is in progress, the material free to go it's way, at the service of what needs to come forth. Painting is an inner necessity and meditation, a joyful pleasure ever to be improved but always left free to live on it's own. in her intuitive, first stoke, alla prima process which may be finely elaborated in the finishing process like in her oil paintings.


    Marlo has exhibited in Switzerland, France, Milano, London, with World Wide Art Books-Artavita Gallery Calif.USA WWAB at ArtExpo New York 2016 and Museum of Las Vegas ; with TheArtBox.Concept's digital show, Art Basel, Switzerland, The Steiner Gallery in Vienna, at the Carousel du Louvre's Paris International Art Fair with the PAKS Gallery, at the International Art Prize of Milano, GAA International Art Fair, Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York. And in 2018 with WWAB- Artavita Gallery in April 2018.

    Her paintings appear in WWAB's book International Contemporary Masters XI, important World Masters 2018, International Contemporary Masters 2018. MOT, London, Masters of Today, ART Professionals book, and the 9th Female Artist's Art Annual. in book «The best Modern and Contemporary Artists, presentation held in Berlin's Französische Dom (French Cathedral), Art Kinternational Contemporary Maazine, section « Il Genio dell'Arte »and The First Berliner Art Book January 2018, Saatchi online has conferred her Artist recognition, 5 star trust pilote, a promotional campaign and included her in a collection.

    Marlo has been conferred The Diploma of Excellence Honorary Award Distinction by MOT (Masters of Today), London and. Art addiction Medial Museum, London. Special prize for New International Art Realilties for artistic merits by the scientif committee Of the Milano International Art Prize. Three prizes of excellence by the Artavita gallery, Calif. USA.


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