Mario Louro

Mario Louro

Mario Louro


    Mario Louro


    I am self-taught, with a background in drawing in the scope of the course of the college of

     architecture and a constant observer of contemporary art, who always draw lessons through a

     refined critical sense.


    I started my artistic career in the field of painting, with the technique of acrylic paint on canvas,

     since March 2020, knowing that with my 59 years of experience accumulated in the school of

     life, in the spatial, cultural field, ingenuity and creativity, are my assets.


     Personal motivation is great and having a continuity line, method and mastery of the technique

     in general is an intentional challenge, which combined with personal inspiration will be highly

     congratulatory and amazing.


     My  motivations  have  the  depth  of  children's  thinking,  the  characters,  symbols,  colors and

     images that everyone can understand, in an environment of positivity, contentment and humor,

     in the context of a world of extreme superficiality.


     Born on 04/15/1961 and resident in Braga, Portugal, Architect by profession, graduated from

     the  Faculty  of  Architecture  of  the  University  of  Porto  (FAUP);  Since  1985,  I  work  in  the

     municipality of Braga, in urban planning and urban regeneration of the historic center, in design

     and management, as well as in a liberal profession; I won 2 international architecture awards in

     2000, FAD  2000 (Spain  /  Portugal)  in  Barcelona  and  Luigi Cosenza (European Architecture

     Award) in Italy, with the work of a residential house.



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