Marilyn. (2020) Acrylic and lack on canvas 150x100 cm.

 Portraits from Heaven and Hell, and I guess this is Heaven. Can you see Marilyn and many of those who left us too early? And the devils are also there. Would'nt a smart devil dress like an angel ? The painting changes with distance 1-3 and 5 meter. The Covid-distances. So when you are close, you see something totally different. (Ha ha).


Artist: Paal Bugen


    Marilyn. (2020) Acrylic and lack on canvas 150x100 cm.


    Paal Bugen


    Born in Norway in 1965 and live both in Oslo and Luxembourg. I have been painting all my life, but my studies are Business, Finance and Lawschool from NTNU in Norway, and University of Oslo. I was working as Head of Equities in a large Norwegian bank, when I picked up painting again as stress relieve and because I just love creating. Much of what I post on Instagram have been painted over a 20 years period, when I started to find my own style, which was first paintings containing complex mathematics, Planck Time, and all this stuff that almost nobody really understands. Sometimes I wrote the algorithms that run the stock market in paintings. In an effort to fully understand them. Since complex derivatives was part of my job, I made art out of them. After Corona I changed style. I wanted to see faces and mystery in my paintings. The pain people felt under he closedown. History and fables. I guess I have made like 20 of them now. I always read history, and art history. I have even published a history-book. I started posting my paintings on FB and Instagram this summer, and feel the response are great, and people want to buy. I often write down the stock market indexes when I finish. More discrete now than before.




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