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    Marika Pentikainen

    "I was born in Finland in the late seventies, surrounded by snow and the glow of gaudy wallpaper. I grew up in a small town called Jyvaskyla and then grew up some more in Helsinki, the capital. Today, Im continuing on my lifes journey exploring Asia through photography. My aim is to take photos of ordinary people in their everyday lives and through it get to know different cultures and history. I travel between Singapore, US and Finland which all I can call my home.

     I have a natural and passionate need to experience and see the world through visual means. Its a relief to know that I dont always have to talk, but rather that I can just feel and see. Its hard for me to shut away this passionate feeling in a box where I cant feel it or experience it because it keeps rising up again, like a breath out of the left side of the box, and it attaches itself to me. This feeling is just like any body part thats a natural part of me and always stays with me. I feel that important events happen in a persons life, chapters and situations in life that tell me about the life were living right now. These situations tell me so much about how people care about each other, how they care about themselves, and what things feel like to them at any given moment. Im interested in all of those little moments in which we face each other, for example when were face-to-face and silent, and how were present to each other in different situations. Im interested in the gaze of living beings, and the thoughts behind that gaze. I try to capture those thoughts using photography, and I usually call that thought a feeling.

    Im inspired by people and especially by what we cant easily see human destinies, tensions between people, feeling threatened and in danger on the one hand, and things like sensuality, love, friendship, family ties, and nurturing and caring for others on the other.

    Ive always been interested in the human mind and the freedom it can give us. Photography is a tool that serves as a visual escort to my mind/that allows me to express the landscape of my mind. Im intrigued by the human minds range of emotions, from raw, dark emotions like sadness, longing, and hate to positive emotions like happiness, kindness and love. I love the idea of a person simply being as they are, a physical and emotional being. A creation of nature . "

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