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    Maria Redrick is a painter & designer born in the United States of America. She studied fine arts and graphic design at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Maria has worked in communication arts for 12 years in New York City all while maintaining her love for fine arts; specifically, oil painting. Maria’s focus is on capturing figures through portraiture. She

    challenges both herself and her audience to examine the subject matter by looking deeper than common perception but to human nature and emotion. Her work evokes strong emotive social tones. Her most recent work from the Unidentified Caberét Series, challenges the idea of gender identity and equality. Today, Maria spends her days traveling Southeast Asia and borrowing inspiration from interesting people along the way.




    Artist Statement


    I didn’t fall in love with art. It fell in love with me. It grabbed a hold of me and squeezed so tight it permeated my soul.


    I don’t claim to be an expert or to even have good work. I just know that something takes a hold of me when I am inspired and in that moment— without delay—I’m obligated to deliver something creative or my physiological self will not function until I have.


    My work primarily is portraiture because I’m in love with people—all people. The emotions, the friendliness, the laughter. Sure there are people who look extremely interesting like they should have their portrait painted. I’m more interested in the real stories of people—where they are from, the woes they encounter or how they fell in love.


    I’m influenced by many different artists from different periods of time. From Caravaggio to Cézanne to Wiley to Hendricks. Their masterful pieces will speak volumes through the ages. But I paint because it is therapy not because I am commissioned. I want to share my subject’s beautiful story and relatable message. Well, because they deserve it and their stories through the medium of paint will last throughout time.

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