Maria Bychkova

Maria Bychkova

Maria Bychkova


    Maria Bychkova


    Maria Bychkova is an intuitive artist, born in middle Asia on borders with China in a country that no longer exists.

    Russian at birth, resident in Sweden, she started her art career only in 2019, attending an international art programme alongside her successful engineer career. Little did she know that something she has started out of curiosity would become such a big part of her life.

    Maria’s art process is intuitive and her art voice is sensual subconscious and core origin. Multiple layers, mark making and fluidity of the moment is typical for Maria’s technique.


    "True sincere art is the reflection of the artist soul, a piece of consciousness poured on a canvas. You can't fake it, it will always shine through. Something happens when people get synchronised though a piece of fine art, it is that distinct moment of genuine connection carried though time and generations. It cannot be logically explained it can only be sensed, almost like magic."

    (Maria Bychkova)


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