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Maria Angelica Viso

Maria Angelica Viso


    Maria Angelica Viso



    María Angélica Viso (Caracas, Venezuela, 1971). She studied at the painting atelier of the artist Ofelia de León for fifteen years. She obtains a degree in Business Administration at Metropolitana University, in Caracas. She recently obtanined a Diploma in Western Art History at the Arturo Uslar Pietri Center for Latin American Studies, at the Metropolitana University. In that same center she obtained a Diploma for studies of Venezuelan Visual Arts.

     Although she initially developed her artistic work in oil painting, she has been making sculptural works for several years. The art critic, Susana Benko, considers that her work ¨ is based on the relationships between forms, where the distribution on the plane suggests displacement, rhythm, in other words, an illusion of mobility before the gaze. The color constitutes the central axis¨. At an early age she won first place in the painting competition of the Playa Azul Club (1982). That same year she obtained honorable mention in the annual Maraven Painting Salon. She also obtained second place in the 17th Annual Maraven Painting Salon (1987). She is awarded with the Arts Advocacy Award, given by TheWIFTS, in Los Angeles, California (2015). Her work has been selected to participate in multiple collective exhibitions, and two individual exhibitions in Parenthesis Gallery, Deshojando (2014) and Insertions (2015). Her artwork is present in private collections around the world, in places such as Malta, Spain, United States, Canada and Venezuela. She currently resides and works in Valencia, Spain.



    The search of my work is to demonstrate a balanced relationship between the plane, shape, color, matter and space. Relying on the benefits of metal, and using mostly curved lines, I relieve the rigid moments of geometry and find a way to represent the subtleties and behaviors of flexible materials such as paper, in the severity of metal, in such a way that I find a rhythm in shapes and in colors.




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