Mari Halttunen

Mari Halttunen

Mari Halttunen


    Mari Halttunen


    As an artist I wish to make my model to feel safe when working together.

    We are on the same level, without hierarchy, making the art piece together.

    It is crucial for me to make the working scene so safe emotionally, that my model can express her/himself completely and feeling completely accepted as the person is.


    I want to capture the moments which are visible only for a short time. The sadness in a persons eyes, mischievous grin on a child´s face, how the beautiful light touches my loved ones hair. This is what describes me as and artist, I think.

    I don’t want to describe my work any more than that. I wish to give the audience a chance to make hers/his story in one´s mind. What is the girl thinking in the picture? What is she feeling and why? Why the look in her eyes is what it is? You make the story.



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