Marcia Lorente Howell

Marcia Lorente Howell

Marcia Lorente Howell


    Marcia Lorente Howell


    Marcia is a classically trained oil on canvas Spanish painter living in New York City pushing the boundaries of reality. 

    "I paint off photographs I took of places I love. Reality isn't real, I paint what's beyond, what I see with my heart's eye".

    Half Californian and half Spanish, Marcia grew up in Madrid which has no beach, so she took to painting the ocean as a kid as a means to treasure her summers in Encinitas and Málaga. Since moving to New York, Montauk and the beaches of Long Island provide an endless source of inspiration, and she has shown in the Hamptons and the city. She will be showing at the next Artexpo NY 2021 and her art has also been shown in galleries in Spain, France, and now Italy.

    “I’m a surfer, I paint waves” is how Marcia would describe her art. A fast brushstroke of oil paint set over large canvases made to fill up the eyes like a good sunset would. She cites Monet, Van Gogh, Chagall, Pollock, Picasso, and Sorolla are among her influences. Marcia attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid and her two grandmothers, Filomena and Marcia, were also painters, Filo studied with Sorolla in Valencia.

    With her everchanging trademark display of color and movement, Marcia’s paintings are a flash of surf and sunlight that warms up a room and must be seen in person.

    Marcia is also known as @apaintingaweeknyc and she's the founder of a gallery project in New York City supporting women artists, you can shop her art at


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