Mandacaru – Oil on canvas – 30 x 30 in.

The cactus called Mandacaru is a symbol of rebirth and resilience in the arid sertão, in Brazil.  It grows in very high temperatures and does not depend on rain to flourish, which according to a local legend, will come with the so desired rain.

There is a famous song from a Brazilian singer, Luiz Gonzaga, that says “when the mandacaru cactus blooms during drought, it is a sign the rain has arrived in the backlands”. It is a happy song, just like Brazilian people.

This abstract painting was inspired in this story, representing the hope, happiness and joy of people when they look to the flower and see the colors of the rainbow brought by the rain.


Artist: Elisabete Monteiro


    Mandacaru – Oil on canvas – 30 x 30 in.


    Elisabete Monteiro


    Brazilian artist, Elisabete Monteiro, works with contemporary subjects applying aspects of abstract and figurative shapes. Her art is inspired by the subtle experience of living where uncertainties, fear, hope and the excitement present in colors, shape our soul and fulfills our existence.

    With this intense believe in the power of art, the artist plays with strong movements in her process of applying and removing lines and colors in layers of oil painting with several tools including brushes, knifes, cardboard, cheese cloths and squeegees.

    Through her strong curiosity and the interaction between her feelings and the physicality of the canvas and paints, the main objective of her work is to depict the constant search for living the aesthetic life, with freedom as the main concept in her style.

    In her works we can identify elements and colors of Brazilian culture, references of Portugal where she used to live and US where the artist works emerged and developed to more abstract .

    Besides oil paitning, the artist investigates different medias such as graphite, printmaking, digital art and mixed media, adjusting the language to the subject.

    Contact through email or Instagram account @emonteiroart


    Sociedade Nacional De Belas Artes In Lisbon, Portugal

    The Art Students League Of New York, USA.

    Sotheby’s Institute Of Art New York, NY, USA.


    The Red Dot Winner Exhibition 2020 – : The Art Students League of New York – NY – August/September 2020

    Annual Concours Exhibitions received the highest mark by jurors and will present their winning works in this online exhibition. Tradition of the concours (French word meaning “competition” or “contest”) expresses a long-standing commitment to French atelier practices. As these practices were applied in America and specifically at The Art Students League throughout the twentieth century, the function of the concours has shifted. Today the exhibitions retain a significant competitive aspect with red dots being awarded to the strongest works, but the shows have evolved into a community-oriented activity that represents a range of artistic styles.



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