Maaike Wycisk

Maaike Wycisk

Maaike Wycisk


    Maaike Wycisk


    Maaike Wycisk is a self-thought Dutch artist, born near Rotterdam in 1979. During her life she has moved around a lot. Not only in the Netherlands, she also lived in the USA and is currently living in Switzerland.

    Her work is a combination of digital art with acrylic paint, paint medium, spray paint and stencil art.

    Her work is not about telling a story or finding a deeper meaning: she makes her works in such a way that she thinks is appealing to look at.
    In that respect, her work is mainly a discovery journey in which different images and materials come together to create a new piece.
    Maaike finds it interesting to combine the more “real” painting techniques with the modern techniques of digital art.

    Her style is mostly inspired by Street Art and Pop Art. The mix of styles has a surprising effect and creates depth in the piece. The painting techniques that are applied make the work lively again, because it adds structure and depth to the image. As s result, it no longer represents a digital print, but an interesting mix of newer and older techniques.

    All works are original and unique works but can be ordered to size if desired. They are then printed to the desired size and edited with paint and medium in their own individua way. A limited amount of prints is available for each image.



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