Mixed media on canvas

120 x 100 x 3.8 cm


Artist: Saskia Bera


    Saskia Bera


    Saskia Bera, born in Munich in 1974, is a German visual artist. Originally from the area of design, she creates abstract paintings and portraits for contemporary interiors.

    Her work is rooted in organic forms with complex layers and spots. With a contemporary palette and methodical overlay techniques, Bera creates process-controlled works of art. The compositions are created freely and intuitively and learned through years of practice and formal art training. In all of her work, there is a deliberate experiment with the element of unpredictability due to the unplanned effects of the material of alcohol-based ink in chemical and physical terms. She is particularly interested in the contrast between hardness and delicacy and the challenge of uniting these contrasts, but not distorting them in themselves.

    Bera studied design at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and law at the University of Cologne. She lives and works in the city Hanover in northern Germany.



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