Luigi Carriero

Luigi Carriero

Luigi Carriero


    Luigi Carriero


    Luigi is a self taught painter born in Casarano (Lecce) in 1981. 

    His passion for art mainly comes from his parents who have always encouraged him to draw. He kept nourishing his passion for art reading and watching masters’ artworks with interest and curiosity. He graduated in Economic, Statistic and Social Sciences at Bocconi in 2006 and currently lives in Gallipoli where he works as a credit analyst and as a painter. 


    Main works for media: 

    • “Dreaming Tokyo 2020” for  AF Magazine (n.13, December 2019). 
    • “Eat the Beat vol. 1” chosen for the homonym Sound Cloud cover mixtape by Valentina Georgia Pegorer (May 2020). 


    Luigi loves art as a means of expression and research of new languages. In his paintings he likes to mix his experiences in his own way. He is strongly attracted to the world of fashion and frequently accessories are protagonists of his works. He finds inspiration in whatever he loves and expecially in music (Mozart, Bach, Chet Baker, Bowie), painters (Goya, Mirò, Bacon), Cinema (Kubric, Lynch, Zemeckis), Fashion (Armani, Valentino, Etro) and photographers (Penn, Avedon, Newton). 



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