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Louis Jeanne

Louis Jeanne


    Louis Jeanne

    First of all, my work is a examination, a questioning about landscapes shapes, real or fake, with actual tools as image processing softwares. Next come the work on fascination level that human being maintain since always with nature.

    However, the fact here isnt to explore a romantic, comtemplative, idealized world representation and even less a landscape documentary.

    It is, with each series of images, about to repel ever further the landscape representation limits but also possibilities offered by the algorithms.

    To appropriate a story with differents visual codes and the abstraction, using classic takes recycling already existing photographs.

    Landscape may not suggest through paradigm of « an open window on the world » although as a scan model, where the whole image is composed in successive moments, without any priviligied takes on another.

    A completely new landscape, stem from cloning and motif mouvement, emerge: chance (fluke) and errors generated by computer codes have a considerable place in my works.

    Precisely, this is it which questions the visual order : like a numeric alchemy.



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