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Line Munkoee

Line Munkoee


    Line Munkoee


    Line Munkoee (1978) is a danish visual artist and social anthropologist.

    Her work centers around the experience and ambiguities of motherhood and womanhood. Exploring the multiple experiences of the female body growing a child, the space of the life giving attachment and contact between mother and child, as well as the deep experience of inscribing oneself into the cycle of life – and death.

    Line Munkoee’s work is figurative, colorful and fabulous alluding to an influence from the international artists’ association “CoBrA”. Line often works with oil chalk on paper with a very distinct technique of hatching in layers of colour giving a special texture and allowing fine nuances to emerge. This special technique of hatching also shows itself when Line works with her paintings, acrylic on canvas.

    Artistic Education:
    Art Academy of Aarhus, Denmark (1999)
    Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes, Figuera Alcorta, Córdoba, Argentina (1996)

    The Artists’ Summer Exhibition (2015) (censored).
    Autumn Exhibition at The Art Association of Toerring Uldum (2014) (censored).
    The Artists’ Easter Exhibition (2004) (censored).
    Over the years Line has engaged in several solo as well as group exhibitions.


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